French born Abel Abelo has lived in Belfast for many years and wanted to bring his passion and experience of French pastry to Northern Ireland.

Adel studied Pastry degree at Lycée d’Hotellerie et de Tourisme de St Quentin En Yvelines, at Guyancourt near Paris and has experience in working in many gourmet restaurants, hotels and pâtisseries, in Paris, London, Dublin, Karlstad (Sweden), Bergen (Norway), Belfast.

Highly experienced in his profession, Abel recognised his need for professional help in order to set up a business having little business experience.

The High Growth Pre Enterprise Programme offered the assistance that Abel required, given his specific needs.

Programme Outcomes

  • Abel successfully completed the High Growth Pre Enterprise Programme and French Patisserie School and Tearoom, La Table, based in Merville House, Newtownabbey opened in 2013 and is continuing to grow with a loyal customer base.
  • He purchased his business premises in Newtownabbey and had it fitted out to comply with standard regulations.
  • Through the 21 hours of one to one mentoring, Abel created his tailored business plan and used it to gain investment from Enterprise Northern Ireland. This went towards the development of his workspace.
  • The bursary from the programme was used to carry out a Market Research trip to London. This provided Abel with aesthetic inspiration, customer service identification and product ideas.

“The High Growth Pre Enterprise program provided me with a realistic understanding of my business idea and showed me the right way to start up.  Following the program, I realised how important key details such as marketing strategy, channels to market, pricing, threats and opportunities within the sector and even my own role in the business are and I can give full consideration to them all now.”

Noel Rooney

Property Executive, Ortus Property Services